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The Clinton Administration was cleared of coverup charges in an investigation by Independent Counsel Robert Fiske of the Whitewater affair. The same report says that former Clinton aide Vincent Foster's gunshot suicide in a Washington, D.C. park was unrelated to the Whitewater S&L scandal. The most gripping reading in the Fiske document: details pointing to Foster's instability and pain. Foster's wife, sister and executive assistant attest to his frequent anxiety attacks, including sudden heart-pounding, profuse sweating and weight loss -- at least two years before the Whitewater debacle went public. "They all attest to a really tense person who really did let Washington get to him -- more than you or I would ever have," says TIME Washington correspondent Nina Burleigh, who has gone through the document. "It's clear there was something wrong with him." The Foster whispers may dissipate now, but Congress will hold its own Whitewater hearings later this summer