Monica Gets Serious

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WASHINGTON: Monica Lewinsky and William Ginsburg are a team no more. The ingenue of the Clinton scandal has dismissed her godfather in favor of two high-powered Washington pros: Jacob Stein, a former independent prosecutor, and Plato Cacheris, who represented Iran-Contra figure Fawn Hall.

Special Report What it means: Monica could be getting serious about immunity. "These two are very distinguished and very good -- exactly the guys to cut the immunity deal that Ginsburg couldn't," says TIME Washington deputy bureau chief Jef McAllister. "And that would be very bad news for the White House."

Even if no deal emerges, the White House will sure miss Ginsburg's bumbling. "Almost everything he's done has left the bar with its mouth agape," says McAllister, "and that made Monica, in terms of the threat she posed to Clinton, look less serious." Well, she's serious now.