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Real name: Geraldine "Geri" Halliwell

Age: Highly disputed. Officially 25, though some friends from her previous lives claim she's the wrong side of 30.

Previous lives? You know, topless model, Turkish game-show hostess, the usual stuff. Also, as of Sunday, an ex-Spice Girl.

A Spice split! What happened to "friendship never ends"? According to a reliable source -- actually, the band's chauffeur -- Ginger wanted to be the "business brain" of the fab five, and believed she wasn't getting enough "respect" from Baby, Sporty, Posh and Scary. So she took her $16.3 million net worth and ran.

The fans must have been distraught: You bet. EMI executives were shattered as their stock value plunged $164 million Monday. Kodak, Pepsi and Impulse -- who face the agony of reshooting their "girl power" endorsements -- are so heartbroken, they may sue.

She wasn't using her business brain, then: Actually, sales of the so-so movie "Spiceworld" have rocketed since her departure. And Geri still gets royalties.

Not to be confused with: Porn star Ginger Lynn; Ginger Baker; ginger ale; Tina Louise; Old Spice.