Viagra Watch

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  • Vietnam, Israel, Egypt and other countries that have banned Viagra over fears of the drug’s side effects can take a chill pill -- Pfizer today announced that the six men who died while taking the drug had suffered heart attacks or strokes after sex, or had been on heart medication -- risks highlighted on Viagra’s label. The deaths had raised fears that renewed potency may come at a heavy price.

  • A New York woman is considering suing Pfizer after her common-law husband left home with a bottle of Viagra, leaving a note boasting of his renewed vigor and telling her their 10-year relationship was over. "The makers of Viagra should be liable for something like this," said the woman’s attorney, Dominic Barbara. "It's like giving a loaded gun to someone who has not been trained to shoot."

  • States are considering asking Congress for help if they’re forced to make Medicaid cover Viagra. The National Governors Association believes the drug’s popularity could add $100 million to their Medicaid costs, and want the right to refuse coverage. "We think there's great potential for it becoming a street drug," said Frances Tarlton of the New York State health department. "If we are forced to cover it, we would put in place some very stringent rules."