The Black Widow's Web

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The current claimant to the title of Black Widow is trying to lure more men into her web, by using the Web -- from prison, no less. Jill Coit, who has been married 11 times to 9 men and is currently serving a life sentence without parole for murdering one of them, posted an ad online offering herself for marriage to men looking for U.S. citizenship.

You have to give the Black Widow credit for perseverance -- not only is her pitch to bachelor No. 10 illegal on its face, violating as it does a law against marriage for the sole purpose of citizenship, but Coit apparently also managed to have someone on the outside post it for her, since she has no online access in prison. The Immigration and Naturalization Service was notified about the posting, on, and it was removed. Coit was one of two Black Widows in the American penal system until Judy Buenoano's execution in a Florida electric chair last March unified the title.