Save the Celebs!

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When Princess Diana died, remember how angry we were at the paparazzi -- those shutterbugs who make a living out of stalking, skulking and intruding? Seems like a long time ago. But America's concerned members of Congress aren't so mercurial. Elton Gallegly, a Republican out of California, has just introduced an anti-papparazzi bill that would cap the lenses of aggressive photographers by making it a crime to threaten or injure someone in the pursuit of pictures. The celebs couldn't be happier.

"I strongly disagree with those who would argue that some sort of Faustian bargain has been struck whereby public figures are fair game, any time, any place," Michael J. Fox said at a congressional hearing Thursday. It's hard to sympathize with the singleminded paparazzi who, Fox testified, "chased me on foot and in my car, yelled obscene comments at my entire family, and literally staked out my home." But opponents say villains could use the restrictions to keep their crimes from photojournalists' cameras. Peace of mind for Hollywood celebrities or an unfettered press -- take your pick.