Would You Like a Hoffa With That?

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MACEDONIA, Ohio: The 20 or so disgruntled workers who walked out of McDonaldland last month went back to work after a five-day strike, but they're still hungry for justice. And they're bringing in the Teamsters.

Bryan Drapp, 19, who organized the strike, is giving the company until June 1 to address lingering concerns. "If they don't comply by then," he said, "then we'll try to unionize." He and a few others attended a Teamsters Local 416 meeting Tuesday -- they will write out their concerns and the Teamsters will pass them along to McDonald's, Local 416 president Dominic Tocco said.

Drapp isn't sharing what his vision of a unionized McDonald's would look like -- workman's comp for employee heart attacks? "Reasonably fast" food? But when the fry guy's wages hit $18 an hour, I'm finding another place to eat.