Kofi, Baby, Glad You Could Make It...

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Kofi Annan may have raised some eyebrows when he turned up at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, a month after he schmoozed the stars and players in Hollywood.But the U.N. secretary general is out to recast his organization’s image -- which, in the U.S., "has absurd associations with black helicopters and foreign plots," says TIME U.N. correspondent William Dowell. Annan's charm offensive is even rumored to involve pitching a feature film featuring U.N. personnel as the good guys, reports Dowell. And the international body couldn’t have picked a better man to woo the glitterati: “He has a star quality that his predecessors lacked,” says Dowell. “He’s charming and witty and makes a great impression.” Even if he doesn’t manage to get his movie green-lighted, Annan may still have picked up important political insights in Cannes: After all, the film he watched was "Primary Colors."