Is Love Really Blind With Viagra?

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No, popping Viagra won't grow hair on your palms. But your childhood priest may have been right about another sex-related ailment. The American Academy of Ophthalmology says that the wildly popular potency pill may cause "retinal dysfunction and affect the way we see for a number of hours" -- including giving the world a "bluish tinge," spokesman Dr. Michael F. Marmor said in a statement Monday.

That actually sounds rather romantic. But Dr. Ian Osterloh, a researcher for the drug's developer, Pfizer Inc., assured the newly virile Tuesday that their sex was still safe. "I suspect there must be a misunderstanding," he said Tuesday. "The drug has been studied extensively." As they say in the pharmacology game, actual results may vary -- and a little blindness in the bedroom never hurts when the lights are already out. Just make sure you know who's in there with you.