Hoffa Cleared to Run for Teamsters Presidency

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For the feds, the irony was clear. After a 30-year effort to clean up Jimmy Hoffa’s Teamsters, their man is kicked out amid allegations of corruption. Meanwhile, Hoffa’s son is found to be relatively clean, and today a court-appointed monitor cleared James P. Hoffa to make a run for the union’s presidency. Six months after former president Ron Carey was disqualified for illegally funneling more than $800,000 in union funds to his campaign, the decision probably gives the election to Hoffa, notes TIME’s Edward Barnes. He’ll be opposed by Ken Hall, who won points after he led last year’s successful Teamsters UPS strike with Carey. “Carey took most of the publicity in the strike, so while the UPS guys will remember Hall, it’s probably not enough,” says Barnes.

The decision comes with a slap on the wrist from election officer Michael Cherkasky, who fined the Hoffa campaign $16,767 and barred Hoffa spokesman Richard Leebove for several examples of misconduct. Still, that’s fairly small potatoes where the Teamsters are concerned, which means that once again there’s a Hoffa in the union’s future.