U.S. Out of Microsoft!

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WASHINGTON: It may not be a Million Geek March, but it's shaping up to be at least a dozen-geek protest. This morning, activists from the Committee for the Moral Defense of Microsoft will brave Washington's rush hour, not to mention the nasty glares of enemy lobbyists, to march in front of the federal appeals court and demand an end to the "persecution" of Microsoft. The protestors are free-market, libertarian and objectivist crusaders who want to eliminate antitrust laws, and they've actually garnered more than 4,000 signatures with an online petition supporting Bill Gates's right to hawk Windows without government regulation.

"The important issue here is, does Microsoft have a right to compete and keep competing?" says Robert Tracinski, the editor of a magazine called the Intellectual Activist and the organizer of the the protest. Yes, the CMDM admits to having recently received some money from Microsoft, but Tracinski points out that he and his friends have been hardcore laissez-faire forever.