Paula's Emotional Appeal

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Her newly launched legal appeal will take months, or even a year, to make it to the courtroom. But when it came to emotional appeal, Paula Jones didn't take long to deliver. "Despite the continuing personal strain on my family and me," a tear-streaked Jones told reporters Thursday, "in the end, I have not come this far to see the law let men who have done such things dodge their responsibility."

It was her first public statement since Judge Susan Webber Wright dismissed her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton, and part of a well-orchestrated show of force from her legal and financial backers. But some of the cracks were showing. One slip from Susan Carpenter-McMillan said it all: "I'm going to let her -- I'm sorry, we're going to let her speak for herself," said the erstwhile spokeswoman -- a hint of her much-reduced future role. As part of their price for taking this case to the next level, attorneys Rader, Campbell, Fisher & Pike insisted on "coordinating" all media inquiries. Essentially, that means McMillan is muzzled -- and Paula Jones, Round 2, will have a very different feel to it.