Paula's Secret Leaked

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Here’s the worst-kept secret in the country today: Paula Jones has decided to appeal the dismissal of her sexual harassment suit against President Clinton. Despite valiant efforts by her handlers to keep the decision quiet until an orchestrated press conference Thursday -- even garrulous spokeswoman Susan Carpenter McMillan has been wearing the muzzle of late -- the news has leaked out. Which is all that can be expected in a case where leaks to the press have become as common as filings to the judge.

Both the New York Times and Fox News are reporting Jones’ firm intentions to climb back up that legal mountain -- a road that would give the hardiest presidential accuser pause for thought. “Do I want two more years of this?” Jones is reported to have asked friends. Now it’s a rhetorical question. Whether the Rutherford Institute can pay for two more years of it when they’re already hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket from round one is another matter.