Jones, Clinton Filing Frenzy

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LITTLE ROCK: Pity the poor judges who have to untangle the latest legal wrangling in the Paula Jones lawsuit. With two months still to go before the tentative trial date, lawyers for both Jones and President Clinton continue their tit-for-tat legal filings Tuesday.

Special Report The Jones lawyers are desperate to include Monica Lewinsky-related evidence in their case after it was barred by Judge Susan Webber Wright -- and they're going all the way to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis to ask for the Monica ban to be rescinded. Meanwhile, back in Little Rock, Clinton attorneys are asking that Jones be held in contempt for revealing the identity of a woman whom Clinton allegedly assaulted back in 1978.

Never mind that Wright still has to rule on the motion for summary judgment -- remember that? -- brought by presidential lawyer Bob Bennett some weeks ago. Now there is the whole question of Juanita Broaddrick, a 51-year-old Arkansas nurse who denies under oath the Jones team's claim that Clinton raped her or ever made improper advances. Revealing her name, as Jones' lawyers did on Saturday, is "part of a continuing effort to taint the jury pool," according to Bennett. Wright's problem: In a hypersensitive case like this, any ruling she makes looks political. Her most likely solution: Endure this claim and counterclaim for another two months, and let the jury decide.