The MLK Conspiracy?

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Thirty years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the FBI agent who impounded James Earl Ray's car at the time says he kept two slips of paper from the car that bolster Ray's claim that he was part of a larger conspiracy.

Donald Wilson, who left the FBI in 1987, says he didn't trust the investigators in the case. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the slips have what may be Jack Ruby's phone number on them, as well as a reference to "Raul," who Ray claims was part of the conspiracy.

But TIME contributor Jack E. White says this latest evidencedoesn't ring true. "My guess is that this won't hold up," he says. "Why is this FBI agent coming forward now, after 30 years? Ray has never named Ruby as part of this, and there's no proof yet that Raul ever existed." There are plenty of reasons, White says, to believe that Ray did not act alone. But these slips of paper may not be among them.