Willey: I'm No 'Wacko'

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WASHINGTON: Kathleen Willey is talking again. The former Democratic volunteer, who has gone into hiding since her "60 Minutes" interview last Sunday, broke her weeklong vow of silence to complain to Newsweek that the White House was "trying to make me look like a wacko." Of those letters she wrote to President Clinton after the alleged groping incident, she said: "I had made a decision that I was going to put that incident behind me... I'm allowed to make that choice."

Special Report But in a special investigation, TIME magazine reported that Willey has a record of telling tales to get back at boyfriends. According to several sources, the Virginia socialite told her lover Shaun Docking that she was pregnant with his twins. This was followed by an aborted abortion and a miscarriage -- all of which were fabrications, claims Willey's friend of 20 years, Julie Steele. There's so much doubt in D.C. about Willey's story that even Anita Hill has chimed in against her. “We aren’t talking about sexual harassment,” said Hill. No word yet on a final book deal.