Pentagon Hacker Nabbed

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Like a character in a William Gibson novel, the teenage hacker who calls himself Analyzer allegedly mounted a cyber-commando raid on Pentagon computers from central Israel, and then discussed his work online with his hacker pals.

But Analyzer -- Ehud Tenebaum -- hadn’t reckoned with the long arm of cyber-sheriff Janet Reno. “We will work around the world and in the depths of cyberspace to investigate and prosecute those who attack computer networks,” said Reno following Tenebaum’s arrest today in Israel. Only yesterday a Massachusetts teenager was arraigned in a federal court for putting Worcester Airport out of action for six hours by hacking a Bell Atlantic computer system.

Analyzer knew the authorities were closing in on him following the arrests of two of his California-based protégés, as he made clear in an online interview two days before his arrest. Reno hoped the arrest would send a message to hackers around the world that the U.S. would not tolerate such intrusions, but that message clearly hadn’t reached all of its intended recipients: Within hours of Tenebaum’s arrest, Antionline reported “retaliatory” hacks to protest his capture.