Roger Clinton Gets Extension on Decision to Testify to Grand Jury

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President Clinton and his half-brother, Roger Clinton, share a round of golf

U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White has given Bill Clinton's half-brother, Roger Clinton, an extra week to decide whether to testify before a grand jury investigating the former president's pardons.

Roger Clinton had been subpoenaed to appear Friday (April 20) to tell, among other things, his side of the story in a set of allegations made by a Texas man and his mother. The two claim they were swindled by a group of men that included Roger Clinton, giving the group more than $200,000 in exchange for what was supposed to be an effort by Clinton to secure a pardon for a family member. Roger Clinton, they allege, did nothing to try to get the pardon. According to an attorney for the Texans, the two never actually met with Roger Clinton, but they maintain it was made clear to them that he was part of the group.

Clinton, says his lawyer Bart Williams, now has until April 27 to decide whether to take the stand or take the Fifth. Williams said no decision has been made. The Los Angeles–based attorney said that Clinton has not been told he is a target of the investigation, but he would not comment on what White's office has communicated about Clinton's status.

White's office has been loath to grant extensions to subpoenaed witnesses and has moved quickly in the investigation. In her probe of the clemency granted fugitive financier Marc Rich, she has worked out an immunity deal with Rich's ex-wife Denise and has heard testimony from such witnesses as Beth Dozoretz, a friend of both Denise Rich and Bill Clinton who had at least one conversation with the President about the Rich pardon.