Paula Jones Files Again

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WASHINGTON: "Can we do this for her?" That scrawled note from the President to an aide, in the margin of a job request from Katherine Willey, is just how Paula Jones' lawyers want you to think of Bill Clinton. Trying to retake the stage from Ms. Willey after her star turn on "60 Minutes," the Jones team made another court filing Tuesday. Itís an addendum to Friday's 700-page barrage, and attempts to back up their claim that Clinton, through coercion and false testimony, made a "prolonged attempt to suppress, alter or distort evidence relating to the matters at issue in this case.''

In trying to defuse a motion by Clinton's lawyers to dismiss the case, the Jones team is doing pretty good PR work for Ken Starr. If the public mind is primed to the idea that Clinton was a coldhearted predator who passed out career boosts to buy the silence of his victims, it can only help the independent counselís case. Jonesí team would like to prove that their client was brave enough to resist Clinton's ham-fisted advances, and as a result had her own career crushed under the gubernatorial thumb. The tricky part: While Starr can point to Revlon interviews for Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones has yet to prove -- despite pound after pound of court filings -- that she ever lost anything more serious than Secretaryís Day flowers.