Paula Jones Data Dump

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LITTLE ROCK: Monica Lewinsky. Kathleen Willey. Gennifer Flowers. Dolly Kyle Browning. Former Miss America Elizabeth Ward. All these women -- along with anonymous "Jane Does" -- appear in the 700-page filing made by Paula Jones' lawyers Friday, part of a bid to explain why her case should go to trial. Clearly, it's not short on naming names. But is it short on evidence? "They have recycled a bunch of old rumors," said Bob Bennett, avuncular attorney for President Clinton. "These are a pack of lies."

The scale-tilting document, described as "very graphic" by Jones attorney Donovan Campbell, alleges Clinton made sexual advances toward this string of women -- and then engaged in "a vast enterprise to suppress evidence" of his propositions. However, not all of this evidence would be mentioned in the trial itself, since testimony concerning Monica Lewinsky was barred from the case by Judge Susan Webber Wright. So why use it? Because, they hope, it hits the Clinton case harder than any courtroom battle. "This," says TIME White House correspondent Jay Branegan, "is going to be their fullest shot at the President." Whether they get a chance to throw some more punches is now in the Judge's hands.