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There's no relief yet for the Lewinsky grand jury. After Wednesday's suggestion that Ken Starr might be close to wrapping things up by calling the President to testify, Thursday sees a likely second appearance by Bruce Lindsey. The presidential aide came close to citing executive privilege last time round -- if he does it for real, a long, convoluted showdown in the courts may begin.

Which would no doubt leave grand jurors agreeing with the words of Lewinsky attorney William Ginsburg: "We welcome the truth, and we would do anything to get this over." So would Monica -- her unpaid legal fees are already said to be in the six figures, rocketing up toward the $200,000 mark.

Not to mention that the press attention has become ever more threatening: Ginsburg told late Wednesday of a "Princess Di-style" incident on the way to Dulles airport, when a car containing himself and Lewinsky was buffeted on all sides by high-speed paparazzi.