Di's Healing Touch

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LONDON: In the beginning was Diana the Apparition: the late, lamented princess's face seen as a vision in a painting at St. James' Palace by grief-stricken vistors four days after her death. Then came Diana the Idol: Berlin's Free University held a series of seminars comparing her to the Virgin Mary. And now, Diana the Healer: Liz Tilberis, editor in chief of Harper's Bazaar, tells of how her ovarian cancer went into remission -- as a direct result of a chat with her friend Diana.

"I believe the princess was single-handedly responsible for getting me home to family -- no one will ever convince me otherwise," Tilberis writes in her new book, "No Time to Die." Diana had spoken of her touch as "a white light," she added. It may sound like the ramblings of a religious zealot, but Tilberis's story is being taken to heart by Britain's leading middlebrow newspaper, the Daily Mail. That the source is so well respected is a sign of things to come. The next stage in Diana deification begins when the official government memorial is constructed -- on a site almost certain to become a latter-day Lourdes.