Lloyd Bridges, 1913-1998

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Lloyd Bridges was best known as the father of Beau and Jeff, as the star of TV's "Sea Hunt" and as the deputy sheriff in "High Noon." But more importantly, in an age where humor consists primarily of Seinfeld-esque ironic cool, Bridges wasn't afraid to be goofy. There is, of course, his classic turn as a chain-smoking air-traffic controller in "Airplane!" While nobody could completely rescue "Hot Shots" (or, for that matter, "Part Deux"), his Admiral Benson came close. And how can you not admire a man who could star in a stinker like "Battlestar Galactica" -- and play it straight?

Bridges worked in the movies and on TV for over 50 years, up until shortly before his death. While he never had the critical acclaim of his sons, Bridges Sr. appeared in over 100 films -- and stayed married to the same woman, Dorothy, through it all. Success enough for a man who we all found out was a pretty funny guy.