What Bill Said About Monica

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Special ReportWASHINGTON: A slew of new details in the Lewinsky case emerge Thursday, as the Washington Post provides the most comprehensive account yet of the President’s sworn statement in the Paula Jones suit. The Post’s story matches details of the deposition already obtained by TIME; one administration source told CNN he was “stunned” by its accuracy.

The juiciest revelations: Under oath, Clinton denied any sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky beyond kissing on the mouth. He said their relationship did include exchanging messages and gifts -- including that now infamous book of Walt Whitman poetry. The President admitted talking with his friend Vernon Jordan, who resumed his grand jury testimony Thursday, about the Washington power broker’s efforts to find the former intern a job. But -- and perhaps this is the most important detail -- Clinton added that it was Betty Currie, not himself, who initiated that job hunt on Lewinsky’s behalf. Currie, the President’s private secretary, has been called to testify a second time before the grand jury.

In a way, the details are embarrassing for Clinton; in a way, they clear him. Who leaked the deposition? Administration lawyers point the finger, once again, at Ken Starr’s staff: "Those who want to hurt him have done this," said Bob Bennett. Bob Rader, an attorney for Paula Jones, claims it was the Clinton team. “It would make more sense,” says Rader. “They have been leaking everything else.” Whoever the source, one thing is clear -- since Linda Tripp’s tapes may be inadmissible, the Jones case has little Lewinsky matter to go on. Were it to be dismissed, Ken Starr’s investigation would be left twisting in the wind.