'Camilla Sleeps at the Palace'

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Under that blaring headline, Britain's Sun tabloid, heralding "a world exclusive," declares that "Camilla Parker Bowles is secretly staying overnight with Prince Charles in his London home." The paper asserts the two share "at least two nights a month" at Charles' St. James apartments and that Camilla last arrived there Monday. "The pair are said by friends to be more in love than ever and 'happy to breathe the same air.' But their hush-hush arrangement is bound to shock millions still grieving over the death of Princess Diana," says the Sun, which highlights the point that Camilla has yet to be introduced to Charles' children. As "a pal" reportedly told the Sun, "They are both aware their relationship is sensitive and can cause upset if publicly flaunted."

Prince Charles, meanwhile, is making off to Canada for a scheduled visit. Princes William, 15, and Harry, 13, plan to join their dad on his working trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 23 and 24, Charles' office has announced. The three princes then will spend some time skiing at a nearby resort. Charles last visited Canada in April 1996 and was there in October 1991 with the boys and their mother, Princess Diana. Harry accompanied his father on official engagements in South Africa last year, but this will be Wills' first such trip since his mother's death on Aug. 31.