Debacle in Dubai

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: About six weeks after the McCaugheys became America's favorite family, another set of healthy septuplets were born in Saudi Arabia -- only the third in history. They're ready to leave the hospital, if only someone would take them home.

"I'm only one person. I can't take care of so many small babies. I won't take them home unless I get some help," Hasna Mohammed Humair told the Associated Press. You thought Bobbi McCaughey was busy, aided by her fleet of 60 volunteers working in shifts? Humair already has seven children. Her husband has two other wives and two more children in addition to the 14 he now has with Humair, and drives a cab to supplement his government pension. Humair said officials at Abha Maternity Hospital refuse to send someone to help her take care of the babies. The hospital has threatened to call the police if the babies are not taken home soon.

Meanwhile, in Des Moines: Amid tears of joy, the last two McCaughey children came home from the hospital Monday. They're doing just fine.