Lenzner Under the Lens

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Special Report WASHINGTON: Weve heard a lot from Sidney Blumenthal -- the White House aide, veteran reporter and conspiracy theorist who publicly blasted Ken Starrs prosecutors Thursday for their intimidating questions about his contacts with journalists. But Terry F. Lenzner, Blumenthals comrade-in-subpoenas, has not yet had his moment in the sun. Talk about conspiracy theories -- Lenzner is a private investigator who was approached by the Clinton administration regarding the Whitewater, Paula Jones and Charlie Trie cases. The Associated Press has Secret Service logs showing Lenzner was cleared for White House access four times in one month in 1996; Lenzners lawyer says he went only once to discuss a private matter with Harold Ickes.

And theres more, according to AP: Lenzners firm got a $100,000 no-bid contract from the White House shortly after his first visit in 1994, and Lenzner has alleged connections to Clinton confidant Mickey Kantor. White House spokesman Jim Kennedy declined comment. All very cloak-and-dagger -- little more than circumstantial, but just the sort of thing Blumenthal would cry conspiracy over were he on the other side of the fence. As it is, Lenzner remains under Starrs ever-broadening microscope. No doubt well be hearing more in weeks to come.