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I've Got a State Secret
On the record, at last: the first named source to claim he saw the President and Monica Lewinsky alone has come forward, and he's a former secret serviceman. It could be the break Ken Starr has been waiting for.
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Monica on the Spot
When she gets on the stand next week, Starr will want Monica to remember two words: Susan McDougal.

Mother of All Witnesses
In the meantime, Starr drags Monica's mom before the grand jury for two days running. Why?

  • Special: Scandal in the Oval Office

    Gulf Tour '98
    The U.S. and Iraq play the envoy game in the battle for hearts and minds.

  • Special: Back to the Brink?

    Betting the Farm on the Dow?
    Are Americans too heavily invested in the stock market?
    On Wall Street, No News Is Good News

    Oscar's Broken Records
    Department of Cinematic Paradoxes: For the first time ever, two performers received acting nominations for playing the same character in the same film.

    Diana: The Deadly Joke
    A witness to the Diana crash says French emergency services didn't take him seriously when he called to report the wreck.

    Smoke Burns Gold
    Of Cannabis and Canada: A snowboarder protests that the IOC detected secondhand smoke.

    TIME Daily Reports
    Special coverage and photo essays.

    Business Bytes
    The Dow clears 8300--just barely--as profit-taking slows the bulls to a 20-point gain on Wednesday. Market wrap in the FORTUNE Business Report.

  • Real-time quotes! From Or check the indexes.

    Daily Spin
    "Positive." Results of a drug test showing that Canada's Ross Rebagliati, 26, had traces of marijuana in his system after he'd won a gold medal for snowboarding.