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White House Plumbing
With water, water everywhere, the White House wants to plug those leaks --Clinton's legal attack team is taking Ken Starr to court.
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  • Cool Under Fire President Clinton was unflappable and even funny in his joint press conference with an unflinchingly supportive Tony Blair.

    Special Report

  • Starr Still Searching for Clinton paramours.
  • Executive Privilege: Just a Stall Tactic?
  • Special: Scandal in the Oval Office

    Undiplomatic Solution
    Congress is on the warpath over Iraq. The rest of the world is more cautious.

  • Iraq Attack: Is It Legal?
  • Special: Back to the Brink?

    No Fly Zone
    Italy is fuming over Thursday's U.S. warplane cable-car collision that killed 20. Now comes their retaliation.

    Storm in a Honey Pot
    Or how Pooh and his friends became the focus of a Very Big Controversy.

    TIME Daily Reports
    Special coverage and photo essays.

    Ah Pity the Potato!
    Is Mr. T an allegorical figure in the current scandal? The Couch Potato Man, on when life imitates your VCR.

    Business Bytes The Donald wants better-than-top dollar for his casinos; Chase mulls job cuts. What to look out for this trading day. Market wraps in the FORTUNE Business Report.

  • Real-time quotes! From Or check the indexes.

    Daily Spin
    "You can't get in. Follow police instructions and move on. You are a nuisance." Nagano police, to a crowd trying to see the arrival of the Olympic flame.