Starr Subpoenas Jones Lawyers

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Attorneys for Paula Jones today received a second subpoena from independent prosecutor Ken Starr asking for any depositions, sworn statements or pleadings related to Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky and other "Jane Does." The Office of the Special Prosecutor is, in effect, asking for all of the Jones team's research into other women alleged to have been involved with the President.

Last summer, Starr aroused considerable controversy when it was disclosed he was interviewing a number of Clinton's alleged paramours, purportedly to see if they heard any "pillow talk" about Whitewater. This time, Starr could be looking for information that would show Clinton lied in his January deposition in the Jones case, or could be trolling for leads that would help him corroborate the 20 hours of taped conversations Linda Tripp had with Lewinsky.

Meanwhile, Jones' attorneys have filed a motion to oppose Clinton attorney Bob Bennett's request to move up the trial date from May to March, and announced they will soon file motions to readmit into Jones' sexual harassment case the evidence related to Monica Lewinsky -- her alleged affair with Clinton, the efforts at getting her a job, the allegations of subornation of perjury and witness tampering --which were excluded from Jones' case by Judge Wright. Jones' lawyers will also ask that all pretrial proceedings in the case be put on hold until April 1, when the status of the criminal case involving Lewinsky will be clearer.