It's Starr Time

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WASHINGTON: They're not talking anymore. Monica Lewinsky and Kenneth Starr are through trying to make a deal, according to her attorney William Ginsburg. That means legal immunity is a distant prospect for the former intern. "Judge Starr knows our telephone number; we are here if he wants to call us," said Ginsburg. That's not likely, says the Washington Post -- Starr is furious because Lewinsky made a muddled proffer. Yes, she did have a sexual relationship with Clinton; no, she was not told to lie about it, but was "told to tell a certain version of events that did not actually happen," according to the Post's source. You can almost see Starr throwing up his hands in frustration at that one. Reportedly, he's given her until the end of the week to either face questioning or face prosecution. TIME has not been able to corroborate the story.

Special ReportStarr is certainly taking an equally hard line with the White House. Late Wednesday he rejected its request that he restrict his questioning of top aides, leaving executive privilege as the only stonewall option. This came after his grand jury turned the spotlight on Clinton aide Bayani Nelvis -- who, the Wall Street Journal claims, saw Clinton and Lewinsky alone together in a room adjoining the Oval Office. Nelvis's lawyer, Joseph Small, called the Journal story "absolutely false and irresponsible." The feeding frenzy continues.