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Starr Search, Part II
Ken Starr again subpoenas Paula Jones lawyers, this time looking for any stories of affairs the president may have had. Will the documents provide Starr with any evidence of perjury?

Showdown with Starr
Kenneth Starr has rejected another written proffer for immunity from Monica Lewinsky, and her lawyer says there won't be any more negotiations.

Delay Delay Delay
Meanwhile, the WH conducts a complex two-step to keep the president's conversations private. The words 'executive privilege' are getting thrown around, but will the tactic fly?

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    Iraq Ups Its Offer
    Iraq makes another new proposal increasing the number of palaces and other sites they'll open to U.N. inspectors. That still isn't good enough for the West, but at least Saddam knows the bombers are ready to fly.
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    Tragically Simple
    Tuesday's tragedy in Italy was the Marine pilot's fault, plain and simple. But his commanders may share the blame.

    Storm in a Honey Pot
    Or how Pooh and friends became the focus of a Very Big Controversy.

    TIME Daily Reports
    Special coverage and photo essays.

    Business Bytes The Dow bleeds 12 despite good news on the economy. Market wraps in the FORTUNE Business Report.

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    Daily Spin
    "I saw them recently and they look very unhappy indeed. I am not surprised, considering they have been incarcerated in a glass case in a foreign country for all these years."
    British MP Gwyneth Dunwoody, calling for the release of the "Pooh Five" (the original toys that inspired A.A. Milne) from the New York Public Library