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Late Scandal News: Starr Says No Deal
Kenneth Starr has rejected another written proffer of an immunity deal from Monica Lewinsky's lawyers, according to sources.

  • And the Wall Street Journal is reporting that a White House steward told the Starr grand jury he saw Lewinsky and the President alone together--and cleaned up some potentially incriminating napkins.
    Iraqi Offer Doesn't Cut It
    It's no dice for Iraq's latest attempt to wriggle out of the current crisis. TIME explains what the U.S. needs to hear from Saddam.
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  • Israel Weighs Nuclear Option
  • Yeltsin Warns of 'World War'
  • TIME Online Special: Back to the Brink?

    Executive Protection
    Lawyers say Bill Clinton could use "national security" concerns to block the special prosecutor's White House investigation. Call that full cooperation?

  • TIME Daily special: Scandal in the Oval Office

    Tragically Simple
    Tuesday's tragedy in Italy was the Marine pilot's fault, plain and simple. But his commanders my share the blame.

    Gates Loses Face
    The Microsoft boss and emperor of the information age is leveled by a mystery pie-flinger.

    The Last Word
    Even Karla Faye couldn't keep Monicagate off all the late-night shows.

    TIME Daily Reports
    Special coverage and photo essays.

    Business Bytes The Dow takes a 30-point hit but still hovers near record highs after a strong tech turnaround Wednesday. Market wraps in FORTUNE Business Report.

  • Real-time quotes! From Or check the indexes.

    Daily Spin
    "We're licking our chops. We're at the airport, we're at the house, we're at her dad's offices. This story has legs as long as Monica's." Lisa Gregorisch, executive producer of "Hard Copy," on the show's plans for Monica Lewinsky's return home to Los Angeles Wednesday.