Witness: Oprah Sliced the Beef

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Oprah Winfrey told the producer in charge of editing her talk show to "cut that boring beef guy out" of an episode on mad cow disease, said a former senior producer of the program. In testimony videotaped in December and played for jurors in Amarillo, TX, Monday, LaGrande Green, who was fired from the "Oprah Winfrey Show" last summer, said producer James Kelley told him that Oprah ordered pro-cattleman statements edited out of the final show. Ranchers are suing Winfrey, her production company and a food safety activist for $10.3 million, claiming that remarks made on an Oprah show titled "Dangerous Foods" forced already slumping beef prices to 10-year lows within a week after the show aired in April 1996.

Photo Finish for Schwarzenegger
A judge in Southern California has convicted two photographers, Giles Harrison and Andrew O'Brien, of false imprisonment for briefly pinning Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, journalist Maria Shriver, in their car while taking pictures. One of the men was also convicted of reckless driving during the May 1997 incident. They face up to a year in jail on each count (sentencing is expected next month). Shriver testified Monday that she felt like a "caged animal" when the two photographers surrounded her car and that she became "terrified" after losing sight of her young son Patrick during a chaotic scene outside a preschool in Santa Monica.