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The Return of Campaign Finance
In a surprise development, Charlie Trie returned to the U.S. and has been taken into custody by the FBI. No word yet on whether he will cooperate with the stalled campaign finance investigation, but his apparently voluntary return would make it likely. Full Story

Master Blaster
Microsoft has won its battle to stop the court-appointed "special master" in his tracks for now. But from the wings, state attorneys general emerge with a volley of new antitrust suits.

George Stephanopoulos is the latest White House aide to run the gamut of Ken Starr's grand jury. And all because he met Monica Lewinsky in Starbucks.

  • TIME Daily special: Scandal in the Oval Office

    A Death Sentence Carried Out
    Karla Faye Tucker was put to death just after 7:45 EST in Huntsville, Texas.

    Counting Heads on Iraq
    Who's in and who's out as the U.S. prepares to deal with Saddam.

  • TIME Online Special: Back to the Brink?

    The Last Word
    Late night TV roundup: Talking heads turn their attention from the President to his inscrutable investigator.

    Doctors Find AIDS' 'Lucy'
    The earliest known appearance of human HIV turns up in an African man who died in 1959. How AIDS' past provides a look into its future.

    Witness: Oprah Sliced the Beef
    In a lawsuit filed by ranchers, a former producer of "Oprah" testifies that the talk-show diva had a "boring" beef spokesman cut from her program about dangerous foods.

    So Long, Boss
    (CNN/SI) Two years as GM of George Steinbrenner's Yankees left Bob Watson with a championship ring--and dangerously high blood pressure. So he made the only decision that The Boss couldn't overrule: he's quitting.

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    Special coverage and photo essays.

    Business Bytes
    After Monday's bull run, the Dow takes a breather it was off by twenty in early afternoon. Sweep up the slips after a busy day with the FORTUNE Business Report.
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    Daily Spin
    "Those who are supposedly without virtue certainly need to know that it makes a difference to be virtuous."
    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, at a recent lecture.