'Titanic' Floats on Sea of Green

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"Titanic," starring mega-hot Leonardo DiCaprio, stayed afloat atop the North American box office charts for the seventh consecutive weekend and earned more than the three wide-release newcomers combined, according to studio estimates. The sinking-ship saga earned about $26 million for the Friday-to-Sunday period, which propelled its 45-day total to $308.2 million. The movie now stands as the seventh-highest grossing of all time. "Great Expectations" debuted in second place this weekend with $9.9 million. "Good Will Hunting" held steady in third. "Spice World" fell two spots to fourth. "As Good As It Gets" slipped a notch to fifth. The

King Script for 'X Files' Gets Nixed
Horrormeister Stephen King was asked to write a script for "The X-Files," but the show's producer, Chris Carter, wasn't blown away by it. "Chris is a real gentleman, but basically he came back to me and said, 'This isn't what we wanted,"' King told TV Guide. Carter wanted King to make the story creepier, and the novelist took another couple of stabs at it. But in the end Carter ended up doing a rewrite himself. The episode airs Feb. 8.