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Late News
Dream Day On Wall Street
The Dow surges 200 points and the S&P smashes the 1,000 barrier for the first time, as investors are emboldened by some strong performances in Asia.

Is It Over?
Special ReportHas President Clinton dodged the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal? Even her lawyer thinks so, but Ken Starr isn't finished yet.
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Party Like It's 1999
The President submits next year's budget, the first balanced one in decades. But he's really gone to town with "big-government" provisions designed to anger the GOP.

Setback for Iraq Attack
Saudi Arabia won't let the U.S. use its bases for an attack on Iraq, at least not right now. That's a big boost for Saddam.
Albright Denies Lack of Arab Support

  • TIME Online Special: Back to the Brink?

    Dead Woman Walking
    Karla Faye Tucker, the born-again Texan killer, has had her appeal for clemency denied and little now stands between her and her execution tomorrow.

    GOP Takes On Encryption
    One of the architects of the Contract With America leads the charge against giving the government the keys to unlock your e-mail.

  • Netly News: Software Money

    Pork and the Fast Track
    How bad did the Clinton administration want fast-track trade legislation? Maybe enough to build a Los Angeles freeway.

    'Titanic' on a Sea of Green
    The seafaring saga leaves box office records in its wake as audiences continue to pour into theaters.

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    Business Bytes
    The bulls are running on Wall Street; good Asian news and talk of a drug merger had the Dow up near 200 in afternoon trading. The merger? Only the biggest ever.
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    Daily Spin
    "It's the only thing that happens here." Thomas Jobe, 20, explaining why he joined 15,000 other spectators in Punxsutawney, Pa., to witness whether Phil the groundhog would see his shadow. Phil did, forecasting six more weeks of winter.