Is It Over?

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WASHINGTON: “It’ll go away. It’ll pass. The President will remain in office,” said William Ginsburg, Monica Lewinsky’s lawyer, on his unprecedented sweep of all five major Sunday talk shows. You would have been hard-pressed to find anyone saying such things a week ago. Now, however, with the President’s approval rating hitting a new high of 68 percent, and 58 percent of those polled wanting Ken Starr to halt his investigation of Lewinsky, two words are being whispered across America: It’s over.

Special ReportWhich will no doubt come as a relief to the White House. But can they really rest easy? According to TIME magazine, Clinton pal Bruce Lindsey -- the “keeper of secrets” -- is in Starr’s sights. Clinton aides would not confirm or deny Monday that Lindsey, the No. 2 in Clinton’s counsel’s office, had been subpoenaed. They’ll be meeting with prosecutors this week to discuss what they privately describe as Starr’s “unreasonable” demands for documents.

And Lewinsky herself, now California bound? It remains to be seen if Starr will allow her to “tell her story in a cathartic way,” as Ginsburg asked, in exchange for immunity. If so, he says, she will submit to a polygraph lie test. If not, Starr will find it hard to kick-start public interest in his $30 million investigation. Meanwhile, one thing is certainly over -- Ginsburg, taking the advice of the American Bar Association, has promised not to appear on any more talk shows.