TIME's Weekend Review

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What a week it's been. The Navy re-instates the allegedly gay sailor who revealed himself on AOL; the Clinton administration releases its plans for Internet domain-name administration, and - what? You want to read about That Woman, as Clinton called her? Are you crazy? Haven't you heard the media was wrong. We covered the story too much. Our job performance rating stinks, while the President's soars. It's the reverse of the Diana tragedy the blame for Monica has settled on the messenger, and this time there's no drunk driver to fob it off on.

The speed at which the Clintons have been able to turn the current crisis to their advantage has surprised everyone except those of us who remember New Hampshire in 1992. Then as now, there's Gennifer Flowers, there are tapes and there's a whole host of allegations that don't quite stick to Slick Willie. And it's eerie how Hillary is still able to deflect press attention with a single soundbite. Then: "I'm not some Tammy Wynette." Now: "There is a right-wing conspiracy against my husband." And faster than you can say Dick Morris, Kenneth Starr's reputation heads South.

Bill himself gets most of the credit, however. It is he who drew top ratings for a State of the Union in which he acted aloof and confounded the media. And it is he who will provide the ultimate silencer the deafening sound of bombs on Baghdad. Shhh!