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TIME has learned what President Clinton really said about Gennifer Flowers in his deposition.
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Tripp of the Tongue
Linda Tripp breaks her silence by fax, denying she's part of a conspiracy and claiming to have been present during a Clinton call to Lewinsky. But why speak out now?

Clinton-gate: So Far, So Good
You wouldn't have thought it this time last week, but the President is in better shape than ever -- poll-wise and donation-wise.

No Deal for Monica?
Kenneth Starr continues to play hardball with Monica Lewinsky - and with Paula Jones.

The Last Word
When late-night TV wasn't turning against Kenneth Starr and his investigation yesterday, it was giving a little yawn at the whole scandal spectacle.

The Baghdad Bandwagon
As a near-inevitable attack approaches, Saddam and Madeleine make their plays for international support.

Freedom for the Net?
The government is ready to get out of the Internet domain business. Coming soon: the big battle over how it gets privatized.

Behind the Birmingham Bomb
An off-duty policeman was killed in Birmingham, Ala., in what is believed to be the first-ever fatal bombing of an abortion clinic. Is there an Atlanta connection?

South Korea Rebounds
(MONEY Daily) - Investors in the embattled nation celebrate a debt exchange deal, and their market posts its largest gain ever. Japan, however, isn't so fortunate.

The Citi Never Counts
(Fortune) Citicorp wants a billion customers in the next millennium, but that might be a problem: It can't even say how many customers it has in 1998.

TIME Daily Reports
Special coverage and photo essays.

Business Bytes
Friday blues for the Dow. Market wraps in FORTUNE Business Report

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    Daily Spin
    "I am disturbed by the smear campaign that maligns Monica. She is a bright, caring, generous soul - one who has made poor choices." - Linda Tripp, Pentagon staffer and former Lewinsky confidant, in a faxed statement Friday.