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Exclusive: The President's Flowers Testimony
Special Report TIME has learned what President Clinton really said about Gennifer Flowers in his deposition.
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Visiting Havoc
It's being reported that Lewinsky says Clinton coached her in how to evade questioning last December. Can we believe this one?

With Friends Like These
There are things you can say in public — and then there’s what Dick Morris said on the radio about supposed friend Hillary Clinton. Although some suspect a clever plot, Morris is said to be extremely distraught over the gaffe.

The Last Word: Late Night TV
On CNN, journalists from around the TV dial engaged in hand-wringing over their massive coverage of the scandal. But back on their own stations, the coverage — and the jokes — continued unabated.

Behind the Birmingham Bomb
An off-duty policeman was killed in Birmingham, Alabama after what is believed to be the first ever fatal bombing of an abortion clinic. Is there an Atlanta connection?

Clinton Friend Indicted
The 'other' scandal is back as Democratic fundraiser Charlie Trie and an associate are named in Justice charges. But good luck finding them.

Greenspan's Fears
(MONEY Daily) — The Fed Chair warns that the Asian crisis is only beginning to hit our shores. How will his words affect the market this time?

McVeigh Aweigh
Not that McVeigh. The AOL chat room sailor is back in the Navy, thanks to a federal judge.

No Nukes Is Good Nukes
As the White House drums up support for a military strike on Iraq, the Pentagon ominously refuses to rule out the use of nuclear weapons. But our TIME correspondent says it's all bluff and bluster.

Don't Get Puffed Up About Deflation
(FORTUNE Business Report) — It's the fashionable economic worry: deflation. Here's why you don't have to worry.

TIME Daily Reports
Special coverage and photo essays.

Business Bytes
European markets are flying into the stratosphere, with the Financial Times 100 in London growing a percentage point a day, says MONEY Daily. The Dow was up again Thursday. Market wraps in FORTUNE Business Report

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    Daily Spin
    "He looked into my eyes and there was really a connection ... You know the greatest thing about it? I wasn't wearing my bra." — an excited Monica Lewinsky, recounting a 1995 encounter with George Stephanopoulos, according to a report in the Washington Post.