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Starr Chamber
Special Report The grand jury parade of witnesses in Kenneth Starr's investigation of the Lewinsky affair has begun, and the woman at the center of the scandal is expected soon. What she'll say hinges on the deal she strikes with the special prosecutor.
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With Friends Like These
There are things you really shouldn’t say -- and then there’s what Dick Morris said on the radio about supposed friend Hillary Clinton. Although the initial suspicion was that it was all some sort of clever plot, Morris apparently is extremely distraught over the gaffe.

The Comeback Kid?
Many pundits thought Clinton had finally met a scandal he couldn't beat. Maybe they were wrong.

  • The Third Woman?
  • The Last Word on Late Night

    No Nukes is Good Nukes
    The Pentagon refuses to rule out the use of nuclear weapons in any encounter with Iraq. But our TIME correspondent says it's all bluff and bluster.

    The Pope Makes a Wish
    John Paul II returns to the Vatican and invokes the fall of Communism in Poland. Was he whipping up the flock?

    IRS Overhaul
    (Money Daily) — The agency with the worst PR in America tries to beat the Senate to the punch on reorganization.

    TIME Daily Reports
    Special coverage and photo essays.

    Business Bytes
    Now that President Clinton and the Republicans have faced off on the budget surplus and taxes, could there be a new debate in Washington? In Money Daily. Meanwhile, the Dow had a fine day after a good-news week on most fronts for investors.
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    Daily Spin
    "Let's assume that his sexual relationship with Hillary is not all it's supposed to be. Let's assume that some of the allegations that Hillary sometimes, not necessarily being into regular sex with men, might be true. Let's assume that this is a guy who's been sexually active for a long time and then got it that as president he'd have to shut himself down. You would then expect a variety of things which would be quasi-sexual in nature but which would fall short of it." — Former Presidential adviser Dick Morris speculates on KABC radio.