The Starr Chamber

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WASHINGTON: After the President's personal secretary, Betty Currie, endured a battery of press attention to testify Tuesday, it was the turn of Monica Lewinsky's former boss, Leon Panetta, to step into the jaws of Kenneth Starr's grand jury Wednesday. Who's up next? The proceedings are secret and there's no public schedule, but one thing's for sure Lewinsky will be called sooner rather than later. The former intern and her attorney, originally scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, were inching closer to a deal with Starr's office Tuesday night. It's possible, according to the Washington Post, that Lewinsky may even agree to testify that President Clinton and Vernon Jordan asked her to lie about the affair which would be a major scoop for the Whitewater prosecutor.

Speaking of major scoops, the Dallas Morning News has tidied up the story about a Secret Service agent that it was forced to pull from the front page Monday. It now says the agent saw Clinton and Lewinsky in "an ambiguous incident," not a compromising position. Agent X is said to be "frightened and worried" about a possible subpoena indeed, the entire Secret Service is having a crisis of confidence over its role in the Starr probe. They're sworn to protect the President's life could one of their number now destroy a presidency?