The Third Woman?

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WASHINGTON: One of the mysteries surrounding the Lewinsky case is exactly who made three anonymous phone calls telling the Rutherford Institute about the Lewinsky affair. Now, TIME's Jay Branegan has learned, Rutherford Institute president John Whitehead has agreed to turn over to Kenneth Starr notes and information about those anonymous phone calls the institute received concerning Monica Lewinsky. The calls were placed by someone with a female voice and were not made, presumably, by Lewinsky herself.

Special ReportThe importance for Starr: If the voice is not that of Lewinsky's Pentagon pal Linda Tripp, then somebody else knew about Lewinsky and Clinton which means Starr might have, or be able to find, another corroborating witness.

Citing the gag order of the Arkansas judge who's handling the Paula Jones civil suit, Whitehead and the Rutherford Institute aren't turning anything else over to Starr. Partly because of this, Starr is in Arkansas Tuesday trying to get the gag order removed. Whitehead has already said he'd like to get rid of the order so that the complete information from all the depositions can get out, rather than just the stuff that has been leaked by all sides. No word yet on how that's going.