Secret Servicing

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WASHINGTON: Is there or isn't there a Secret Service agent prepared to testify to Kenneth Starr that he saw President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in flagrante? In early editions and on its web site, the Dallas Morning News said yes. But it later withdrew the claim, saying its source a "longtime Washington lawyer familiar with the case" had bagged on them. ABC News first reported the possibility of a White House witness back on Sunday.

It was only the latest and most confusing development in the Lewinsky affair. The existence of a witness would be a nightmare for Clinton, but no less of a big deal is Lewinsky's second "proffer" to Starr an outline from her lawyer of what she is and isn't prepared to tell the federal grand jury. "The ball is totally in Judge Starr's court," said William Ginsburg, who has one condition: immunity for his client. There's still no indication that Starr is prepared to give it.

Meanwhile, one allegation that did make it to the morning editions: the New York Times report that Lewinsky visited the White House as recently as last month, even though her access was apparently restricted. The paper's source is another no-name White House official. So the Clinton administration is as full of holes as an infested apple but can we trust everything that comes out?