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For One Night, A Leader Again
Special Report The President was talking business, and the applause rang loud, long, and often. Nobody mentioned Monica Lewinsky, and for an hour, Bill Clinton was back to his old self.
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The Third Woman?
Before Linda Tripp, did someone else try to expose the alleged relationship between the President and Monica Lewinsky? TIME has learned that three phone calls from an anonymous female could lead to another witness for Kenneth Starr in the rapidly escalating Clinton case.

Hillary for the Defense
The First Lady comes out swinging, blaming her husband's woes on a "vast right-wing conspiracy." What was she thinking?

Secret Servicing
Did anyone see Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in a compromising position? One newspaper retracts a report that a Secret Service agent did.

The Last Word
TIME Daily's roundup of the late-night TV take on the Clinton scandal.

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    Countdown to Iraq Strike
    More urgent reasons are being put forward for an attack on Baghdad. Our TIME correspondent says it could only be a week away.

    Bulls for Gore
    (Money Daily) President Gore? That's one of the possible outcomes of the Lewinsky mess. And according to analysts, that wouldn't be the worst thing for the markets.

    TIME Daily Extra!
    Special reports and photo essays.

    Business Bytes The Dow ignored Big Bad Bill and a new Japan crisis to gain more than 100 Tuesday. Meanwhile, Bill Gates says Windows 98 is on track, and Boeing reports its first loss in 50 years.

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    Daily Spin
    "Where there's smoke here, there's no fire." --HILLARY CLINTON, on NBC's Today Show.