Princess Diana: The Logo

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In a bid to prevent people from profiting off Princess Diana's name, her London-based memorial fund on Sunday unveiled a distinctive logo that will be attached to all official Diana memorabilia. Diana's sons William, 15, and Harry, 13, have approved the design, which is her own signature in purple, one of her favorite colors, over the words "Princess of Wales Memorial Fund."

In related news, an Egyptian court has postponed a Cairo lawyer's lawsuit against Queen Elizabeth II that claims she is responsible for the death of Princess Diana and her Egyptian boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. The lawyer, Nabih el-Habishi, said he was told the queen hasn't been notified of the postponement, the second since the case began Dec. 7. In order for the suit to go forward, lawyers on both sides must be alerted. The case stems from rumors, widely circulated in the Arab world, that British intelligence arranged Diana's car crash because the royal family did not want the mother of a future king to marry a Muslim. El-Habishi is asking for the equivalent of $165,000 for "every Muslim in every part of the world."