Lewinsky, Starr, and the Immunity Dance

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The drip of new details in the Clinton sex scandal slowed to a virtual halt Saturday as all sides in the case retreated under the cover of subpoenas to discuss their next move.

Monica Lewinsky's lawyer, William Ginsburg, and Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr spent the day in the pas de deux that lawyers call the "immunity dance." No deal's been struck -- at least, none has been announced. Reportedly, Lewinsky would reverse her earlier testimony and say she had a sexual relationship with President Clinton in exchange for immunity. But Starr wants to hear the ex-intern testify that Clinton and Vernon Jordan pressured her into covering up the affair.

Back at the White House, the president has reached out to Harold Ickes and Mickey Kantor, two former staffers known for their legal and political acuity. And First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton personally took over what may be her husband's last, and most dangerous campaign. She's scheduled to appear Tuesday on the Today Show, a big TV day since hours later her husband will deliver what will undoubtedly be the most-watched State of the Union Address is U.S. history. In Congress, meanwhile, the Democrats maintain their uneasy silence as the Republicans, sitting in tall cotton, relaxed, stretched, and let the presidency continue to unravel, thread by thread -- without their help.