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Source: Oral Sex in Oval Office
In a series of confessional sessions with workplace confidante Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky described a sexual relationship with the president that included oral sex.
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Man Among Flacks
As the Presidency sinks into scandal, White House spokesman Mike McCurry is steadily gaining luster. The secret of his success.

Lewinsky, Starr, and the Immunity Dance
The former intern and the special prosecutor each have something the other wants. Friday's offer: Lewinsky would testify that she had sex with the president in return for immunity. So far, Starr's turned that down, thinking he can get a better deal. Meanwhile, all sides in the case retrench.

The People Disapprove
A TIME/CNN poll shows the allegations are sticking to Clinton.

Special Report

It's a bit premature for "All the President's Men." But the White House scandal is long on cinematic parallels. Plus: What Bill's watching this weekend.

It's Defense, Stupid
Broncos and Packers agree: stopping, not scoring, is the key to Sunday's Super Bowl.

TIME Daily Extra!
Special reports and photo essays.

Business Bytes
On the Street, the earnings parade continues. The numbers aren't bad, but the Dow remains in mild doldrums, down 30 at the bell. Friday's wrap-up in FORTUNE Business Report.

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    Daily Spin
    "I'm going to be fine, and you will be, too, and let's all hang in there" -- President Clinton, reassuring his Cabinet.