Terrorist's Online Confessions

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Besides telling it to the judge, Mir Amal Kansi, the Pakistani citizen sentenced to death Friday for the killing of two people in a 1993 attack on CIA headquarters, decided to tell it to the Net. Kansi broke his media silence by going online Friday to proclaim that his only regret is that he did not kill top CIA officials.

"I wanted to shoot (then-CIA Director) James Woolsey but was not able to find him, or his timing of coming or going to CIA," Kansi said in letters to Salon magazine. "If I had found (then-deputy CIA chief Robert) Gates I would have attacked him, as these are people who make up policies for CIA or U.S. government," said Kansi. In his unprecedented disclosures, Kansi tells his life’s story and explains his deep anger at the U.S. Needless to say, traffic to Salon is heavy, and users may have to suffer a few reloads before getting to the terrorist’s confessional.